Shotgun Critic joins 2008’s biggest social networking phenomenon!

So Shotgun Critic is on the upswing – more readers than ever [Hello, newcomers – sorry about the smell], new writers and more content (maybe). But we’re not taking this, barnstorming, tub-thumping, banner-waving success in our stride. No.

We want to embrace this new-fangled thing called The Facebook. Or The Face Book. I’m not sure which. Anyway, I’m told it’s like Friendster, but, like, totally full of cat photos and memes and stuff. So now Shotgun Critic has a page on there. Come join the conversation, post trailers, submit news– all that good stuff. Get involved and make it your own.

More on-site goodies this week, so do join us, won’t you? No bullshit! The Dark Knight Rises Review, even. Have yourself a good day, now.


Thoughts? Comment below.

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