Live By Night | Spoiler-Free Review

Words: Chris Neill The last 12 months have been rough for Ben Affleck. He’s had to suffer through the embarrassment of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the overwhelming whatever-ness of The Accountant and his new status as a kind of funny Internet meme. While the announcement that he’s helming the new solo Batman movie [...]

The Accountant – Movie Review [SPOILER-FREE]

In his book Bambi Vs. Godzilla, screenwriting legend David Mamet puts forward an argument as to why we watch so many lacklustre, big budget Hollywood films: one time we saw a really phenomenal one, and ever since then, we’ve been “chasing the dragon”.

Review: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

It was never really a question of whether the third and final act in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy would be good. Nolan doesn’t make lousy films – and even at their most critically divisive (Inception comes to mind), he uses filmic techniques and spectacle that leave most Hollywood epics in the dust, heads spinning. So, [...]