Baby Driver | Spoiler-free Review

It delights me to report that Baby Driver is a monumental fucking triumph. This is the best action movie of 2017 and the best thing Wright has done to date.

Review: ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’

Two time-travelling movies on big screens at the same time? That just happened—not that I’m complaining, particularly when they're this good. Joining ‘Looper’ is the tonally opposite comedy with a warm, gooey centre, ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’. It’s a remarkable production, given the limited budget ($750,000 – which is tiny by most Hollywood standards) and the [...]

Review: ‘Ruby Sparks’

I identified with this film more than is probably healthy – and I think that points to a certain reverberating honestly to ‘Ruby Sparks’. It tackles the realities of relationships – the irony being, the one that sits at the heart of the film is entirely fictitious and constructed. Ruby Sparks is a parable of [...]

Review: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

It’s just so much fun to read that string of words: 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'. Abraham. Lincoln. Vampire. Hunter. See? It just works so well by being completely obtuse. Hell, I’m grinning. And while it fails to deliver satisfying drama and coherent storytelling, director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Night Watch) does accomplish exactly what the poster [...]